S.A.F.F.I.'s mission, upon instruction by the client, is to take upon and administer in their own name and other's name,  administrative and financial fiduciary mandates of movable and immovable property, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality.
Services for the administration of estates - movable and inmovable property
As nominee:
-registration, administration and custody of securities and other financial instruments
-representation of the rights and interests of shareholders and bondholders
- Incorporation of companies
- Subscription of capital increases and stock loans
- Representation in relation to consortium agreements
- Registration and administration, in our name on behalf of the settlors, of securities, stocks, bonds and other movables
- Administration of estates, donations, legacies, foundations and testamentary bequests
- Underwriting of insurance policies as contract holder or beneficiary
- Goods and services management as per law nº 1966 of 23/11/1939
- Administration of payments of annuities or of occasional payments to beneficiaries
- Accounting for privates and companies
- Administrations of assets of minors
Services for Trusts
-  Assisting in the establishment of Trusts
- Taking on appointments for the administration of Trusts as a Trustee and/or Protector
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